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    Portion Control

    Calorie consumption and expenditure is extremely difficult to understand. It is incredibly hard to apply various, generalised numbers fed to us from varying sources to an individual child, especially when children weigh different amounts, are [...]
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    Getting Girls Active

    Research has revealed a huge difference in the number of men and women in sport. There are numerous factors said to have a part to play in moulding this difference, but fear of judgement is [...]
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    Helping ease anxiety and stress on children

    Child anxiety seems to be becoming more commonplace in modern society. With changing family structures, work situations and growing levels of pressure to achieve, in school and out, it is no wonder many of our [...]
  • Child Safety

    Cyber Bullying

    Bullying is common and is a real problem amongst young people. Out of 13,387 children surveyed by online charity Ditchthelabel.org in their 2020 survey, over 25% had experienced bullying and 26% had witnessed bullying. This [...]

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