Latest Book Reviews

Supertato: Mean Green Time Machine 

Author: Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

It’s night-time in the supermarket, and the veggies are trying desperately… not to laugh at Supertato’s baby photos!

Supertato looks super cute, but just as he’s telling Carrot that he hasn’t always been super, a certain mean, green character overhears him.

If only Evil Pea could have got rid of Supertato before he had his superpowers! But that would mean he’d need a time machine…wouldn’t it?

Mavis the Bravest

Author: Lu Fraser

Illustrator: Sarah Warburton

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

Mavis is not like her adventurous friend Marge. Mavis is a chicken who finds EVERYTHING scary (night-time and daytime and anythinghairy!). So when the slumbering peace of their cosy barn is disturbed by someone trying to steal their friend Sandra the sheep, will Mavis be able to find her bright spark of braveness and save Sandra?

This adorably warm-hearted story is brimful of humour, reassurance – and two exceedingly courageous chickens!

The Princess With The Blazing Bottom – A Very Fiery Fairy Tale

Author: Beach

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

Sir Wayne and his dragon are back and this time they’re out to rescue a princess held captive by a Big Bad Beast. But who exactly will save her?

Sir Wayne: who can climb every wall – no moat is too deep, no tower too tall.

Or Dragon: so muscly and lean – he can fly and fart flames, he’s a fighting machine!

If only there was a way to get the best of both.

Peter Raven and the Pirate Raid – Peter Raven 

Author: Michael Molloy

Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

Ages 9-12

After risking his life to liberate the people of Roc d’Or from the evil Count Vallon, Peter Raven is enjoying quieter times aboard the privateer ship Columbine. But the young midshipman has provoked the wrath of none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, and soon finds himself in the midst of a deadly conspiracy. Peter and his shipmates face a dual challenge: to save the life of a dear friend’s grandfather, whilst outwitting French spies and Barbary pirates on the North African seas in a tense quest to save the island of Malta from a deadly plague. But can Peter defend his heart against the beautiful and brilliant Emma Swindon?

Greg the Sausage Roll: Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure

Author: Roxanne Hoyle & Mark Hoyle

Illustrator: Gareth Conway

Publisher: Penquin Books Ltd

It’s Easter morning and Greg is SO EGG-CITED for the fun to begin!

But when the chocolate egg delivery doesn’t show up at the bakery, Greg and Gloria have to HOP to it – otherwise Easter will be ruined! Time to make their way to the most magical place on Earth – EASTERLAND! Can they find the Easter Bunny and make sure the chocolate eggs are delivered in time for the big Easter egg hunt?

Fans of Greg the Sausage Roll will be CRACKING UP at this EGG-CELLENT adventure!

Hercules: the Diary of a (Sort of) Hero 

Author: Tom Vaughan

Illustrator: David O’Connell

Publisher: Scholastic

If Hercules Braver is going to survive his new secondary school,he has to live up to his name, fast. He needs to become strong and tanned and popular, like a Greek hero. Not weak and pale and unpopular, like a Greek yoghurt.

But his bid for popularity ends up saddling him with a set of impossible tasks… like cleaning out the monster-riddled school pond, facing up to the school bully and finding the headmaster’s missing cat.

Then Herc’s charming, impressive birth dad turns up after years living in Greece, and Hercules thinks his problems are solved. With God-like strength and awe-inspiring powers, could his dad even
be … the real Zeus?! And will Hercules learn what it truly means to be a hero?

Bluey: Hooray, It’s Easter!: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Board book)

Author: Bluey

Publisher: Penguin Random House Children’s UK

Bluey and Bingo are going on an Easter egg hunt following the clues left by the Easter bunny.

Will they find their eggs? Lift the flaps to find out!

Join Bluey and Bingo in this gorgeous lift-the-flap adventure!

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Author: Rob Biddulph

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

A powerful and standout sea-life story featuring one very small and determined blue whale from bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator Rob Biddulph.

Meet Gigantic, the smallest blue whale in the Atlantic. Dwarfed by the other whales, Gigantic keeps to himself, making new friends and perfecting his somersaults and flips in the bay.

But one day when Gigantic’s brother, Titan, gets stuck on the sand, it’s down to Gigantic and his smallest sea creature friends to save the day. Can they show it’s possible to be tiny and tough?