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Our friends at have some great advice on why it is important to start cooking with your children. Getting your little ones involved with cooking not only helps you with the food prep but […]

Child Safety

Child Internet Safety

In today’s digitally fuelled times, electronic gadgets and mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Children especially are increasingly using these devices for entertainment, education and communication.   While they provide numerous benefits […]

Child Safety

Gaming Addiction Advice

Kids as young as 6 are at risk of gaming addictions, as parents admit it keeps them quiet.  In the digital age, video games have become a ubiquitous part of our cultural landscape, offering not […]


Local Family Events

The Atkinson Family Theatre is at its finest at The Atkinson in Southport. Let your hair down in a brand-new adaptation of the popular fairy tale Rapunzel (25 Oct, Age 5+). Take part in sing along songs […]

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Latest Children’s Books

The Knight with the Blazing Bottom Author: Beach Publisher: Simon & Schuster Out Now The second book in the fabulously funny – and hugely farty – A Very Fiery Fairy Tale series. Perfect for fans of The Dinosaur that Pooped.​ Sir Wayne and […]

Family Matters

Nugent Adoption

Nugent Adoption – helping bring families together since 1943 First founded in 1943, Nugent Adoption has been helping connect children with loving homes for almost 80 years. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, responsive […]

Child Safety

Cyber Bullying

As children across the UK return to school after summer break, many will be excited to reunite with friends and classmates. While it’s an exciting time, it can also be daunting for parents who naturally […]

Child Safety

Back to School Internet Safety

Access to new tech has led to concern among parents about other content their child could access while using internet enabled technology for their schoolwork (50%)*. Network data from TalkTalk shows that the use of […]