Latest Children’s Books

The Knight with the Blazing Bottom

Author: Beach

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Out Now

The second book in the fabulously funny  and hugely farty – A Very Fiery Fairy Tale series. Perfect for fans of The Dinosaur that Pooped.

Sir Wayne and Dragon are back! And on yet another adventure to get Dragon’s flame round the right way… Luckily Wayne knows JUST what to do BUT! Is doing everything in reverse ALL day long really a good idea? And when the start to dress as each other, swapping EVERYTHING round, what on earth might happen?!

Billy Brute Whose Teacher was a Werewolf

Author: Issy Emeney

Illustrator: Chris Mould

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Out: 15th September

After Billy Brute burns down his old school – and gets away with it – his parents have to find him a new one. St Lemons say they’ll take him, but little does Billy know that St Lemons have a secret weapon: Enter Miss Wanda . . .

Her glasses are spectacular.
Her dress so prim and neat.
But what big eyes, and what big ears…
And what big hairy feet! 

Perhaps Billy won’t get away with EVERYTHING after all.

Tiny Crab is a Tidy Crab

Author: Paula Bowles

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Tiny Crab is a tidy crab, and a crab who LOVES his beach. So, when he invites a few friends to come and join his favourite place, he knows they will look after it, too . . . won’t they? But what if they don’t? And, worse, what if LOTS of friends arrive then leave rubbish EVERYWHERE, which Tiny Crab is forced to tidy up. Maybe even the smallest voices need to make themselves heard.

Barb The Brave – The Ghost Blade

Author: Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Barb is a Berzerker, one of an elite crew of warriors who protect the land of Bailiwick from the scourge of monsters. 
The evil Witch Head has captured all of the adult Berzerkers . . . Cue Barb to the rescue! But she’s not alone – Barb’s got her own amateur crew of wannabe zerks, made up of farmersmonsters, and her best pal Porkchop the yeti.
This ragtag gang must infiltrate Maug Horn, the monster capital, and find Franny Fire Fingers, who they hope will lead them to the Wise Wizards and the power to fight Witch Head. But when Barb’s powerful Shadow Blade sword is no match for the evil she encounters, Barb must learn that her true power comes from her own heart.

Rudy and the Monster at School

Author: Paul Westmoreland  

Illustrator George Ermos

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Out 6th October

When the scary new boy at school gets upset and runs away from class, Rudy knows he has to help. The trouble is, Rudy’s wolf senses lead him to the really spooky castle on the hill. Is Rudy brave enough to follow his nose, and find out the truth behind the monster at school? 

This exciting new series is a celebration of the power of the pack, wherever you might find it. Family, friends, loved ones; your pack is where you feel you are home. 

Rudy’s distinctive wolf boy qualities (his heightened senses, impulsive and mischievous nature, rapacious appetite, and loyalty to his friends) all come into play in his adventures.

Celebrating an exuberant boy character with a nose for adventure, powered by strong friendships and a belief that kindness and empathy for others will always win the day. 

Perfect for reluctant readers.

Beano Dennis & Gnasher: Battle for Bash Street School
Author: I.P. Daley, 

Illustrator by Nigel Parkinson 

Publisher: Farshore

Out Now

“The first thing I ever picked up to read for pleasure was the Beano.” – David Walliams 

Can a group of ten year old mates (and one scruffy dog) really outwit the most fiendish, cunning teachers in the universe and, after millions of years, finally make school cool?! When mysterious new teachers arrive to lay down the law at notoriously naughty Bash Street School, Dennis, Gnasher and friends finally face a classroom test they simply can’t afford to fail… 

The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions

Author: Isabel Thomas

Illustrator: Aaron Cushley

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Out: 13th October

Why are bubbles always round? Could I ever touch a rainbow? Why can’t I remember being a baby? 
Have you ever not been able to concentrate because there are SO many questions buzzing round your brain? The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions will offer answers to the most bamboozling questions and curious queries that you can think of.

How many stars are in the night sky? Why don’t animals wear clothes?

With engaging and accessible text and accompanied by exciting, inviting illustrations, The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions is the perfect bedside companion to delve into when you are wondering if there really is an answer to everything.

The Lost Girl King

Author: Catherine Doyle

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Out Now

Amy and Liam Bell have been packed off to stay at Gran’s house in the wilds of Connemara for the summer. Out for a walk on the first morning of their holiday, they trace the flight of a hawk to a nearby waterfall – only to watch the bird disappear through it. Intrigued, the children follow and soon realise they’ve discovered the entrance to Tír na nÓg, the legendary land of eternal youth.

Packed with edge-of-your seat adventure, incredible imagination, humour and warmth, The Lost Girl King is the rare kind of story that has you reading long past lights out.