Nugent’s Impact: A Presentation at St Basil’s Catholic Primary School

Nugent’s Impact: A Presentation at St Basil’s Catholic Primary School

In a heart-warming collaboration between Nugent and St Basil’s Catholic Primary School in Widnes, Keith Wilde, Nugent’s Head of Communities, recently took centre stage to shed light on Nugent’s work within our local communities.

St Basil’s has been on a fundraising mission for Nugent throughout the years, demonstrating unwavering support for our various appeals. Keen to understand the direct impact of their efforts, the school eagerly welcomed Keith to deliver a presentation to the school.

The presentation served as a comprehensive overview of Nugent’s extensive range of services, including care homes catering to vulnerable children and adults, as well as our adoption service. Keith navigated through the multitude of initiatives, ensuring the students gained insight into the diverse ways Nugent contributes to the well-being of individuals in need.

Keith also presented about our various challenge events such as the Sahara Desert Trek and Sleep Out with Nugent. One highlight was the students expressing their desire to take part in the Sleep Out with Nugent event, with one eager participant asking, ‘What date do we do the Sleep Out?’. 

The enthusiastic pupils actively participated by asking thought-provoking questions, like ‘How do you care for people?’ and ‘If someone doesn’t want your help, what do you do?’ showcasing their genuine curiosity and empathy.

Keith Wilde, visibly pleased by the engagement and interest, described his time at St Basil’s as a fantastic opportunity to connect with a school that invests considerable effort in fundraising for Nugent.

Reflecting on the visit, Keith emphasized the significance of such interactions, stating, ‘It was a fantastic opportunity to meet a school who put in so much hard work to fundraise on behalf of Nugent and promote the work we carry out every day. The impact was made even more profound by the way the pupils engaged and demonstrated a genuine interest in our work.’

Thank you to the staff and students of St Basil’s Catholic Primary School for welcoming us!