NSPCC – Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS

The NSPCC’s first ever children’s book, Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS, has hit the shelves and will support families to have simple conversations with their children, to help keep them safe from sexual abuse. This very special book has been designed for children aged 5 to 9 years of age with vital safeguarding messages at its heart. It is all the more extraordinary because our journey to this point has been a real joint effort.

The book was only made possible following a crowdfunding campaign that took place last year which saw NSPCC supporters raise £46,440 for the project. I can’t thank enough all those who donated for their support. Their efforts will help to change children’s lives for the better. Our Talk PANTS messaging, resources such as the new book and existing online music video help support parents to explain to children how they can speak out about anything that makes them uncomfortable, and give them the confidence to do that.

The new book, written by Rebecca Girlings and illustrated by Fhiona Galloway and Jamie Nash features the NSPCC’s yellow cuddly dinosaur Pantosaurus who is celebrating his 5th birthday this year. In the book, Pantosaurus is getting a new pair of pants and Dinodad tells him that they will give him special powers. Pantosaurus then experiences a problem at school and just as Dinodad told him, his super pants give him the power to speak up. 

The book will help children learn about the PANTS rules, from P through to S, each letter of PANTS provides a simple but valuable rule – that their private parts are private, their body belongs to them, and that they should tell an adult they trust if they’re worried or upset. We’ve actually been talking PANTS since 2013, to ensure children are given this vital information, which is shared using age-appropriate language and a catchy music video by our dinosaur mascot, Pantosaurus. The video is available on our YouTube page and online at www.nspcc.org.uk As well as being fun, it has a serious message to give children essential information and confidence. Since Talk PANTS was launched, the video has been viewed more than 2.3 million times, sparking more than 1.5 million conversations. You can pick up your copy of the new book from selected Matalan stores or at Matalan.co.uk, selected Blakemore Retail SPAR stores or our NSPCC shop and all profits from the sale of this book will support the NSPCC’s vital work. 

The PANTS rules:

PANTS stands for…

Privates are Private

Always remember your body belongs to you 
No means no 
Talk about secrets that upset you
Speak up, someone can help