Book Hospital

Out 24th June 2021

Author: Leigh Hodgkinson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The best bit of being a book is hanging out with your friends and telling amazing stories, but sometimes a good book can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, being scribbled on, nibbled or even losing pages…..and when that happens, it’s time to go to Book Hospital!

This funny, reassuring story is a celebration of books and the magic of reading. Because when you love your books and when you read your books, they will take you on a magical journey that you’ll never forget.

The King’s Birthday Suit

Out Now

Author: Peter Bently

Illustrator: Claire Powell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

When two fabric merchants promise to make an outfit of only the very BEST cloth, King Albert-Horatio-Otto the Third simply cannot resist. Surely, the unquestionably charitable and not-at-all-suspicious-looking tailors are genuine, and the King won’t end up looking red-cheeked … ? 

This funny and timely retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fable ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ will not only make children laugh, but also encourage them to think and speak up for what they believe.

Pizazz vs Perfecto (Book Three)

Out 24th June 2021

Author: Sophy Henn

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

HELLO! My name is Pizazz and I’m a superhero. Whilst that is awesome, it can also be E

Even though I’m saving the world ALL THE TIME, there are LOADS of bad guys about. Like super baddie PERFECTO!

She’s younger than me, and, PERFECT! But I have a plan. Maybe I just need to be perfect too – even more perfect than Perfecto. Easy-peasy, right?!

The Nine Lives of Furry Purry BEANCAT

Out 24th June 2021

Author: Philip Ardagh

Illustrator: Rob Biddulph

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Meet Furry Purry Beancat – one extraordinary cat with nine extraordinary lives!
Just like every other cat, Furry Purry Beancat loves a catnap. But unlike other cats, when Beancat wakes she finds herself about to embark on a whole new adventure!
Shhh! Our furry (and purry!) heroine has woken up in a LIBRARY, and there’s trouble afoot. There are plans to close it down, but with the help of two grumpy SPIDERS, can BEANCAT do what she does best and SAVE THE DAY?

I Spy Island

Author: Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Reading Age: 4+

Out Now

In the middle of the ocean, miles from anywhere is a happy little island who loves to play I Spy…

Join Island, and friends Glove, Banana, Bird and Bottle as they investigate the curious case of what’s just washed up on Island’s chin… What can it be? And what adventures lie in store?

This terrific tale of fun, friendship and sunshine is brought to you by the brilliant brains behind such bestselling and beloved characters as SupertatoBarry the Fish with FingersNorman the Slug with the Silly Shell and No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom.

The Worries: Jaz and the New Baby

Author: Jion Sheibani

Publisher: Penquin

Reading Age: 9+

Out: 19th August

The Truth Pixie meets Pixar’s Inside Out in this hilarious, heartfelt and highly illustrated new series, perfect for helping children gently work through their worries and anxieties. 

Everyone feels worried sometimes. But what if your worries came to life and started following you around?

Enter a host of furry, fretful friends to cause some serious mischief. That’s right, it’s the Worries – gloomy Loner, nervous Change, pushy Jealousy and DJ Disaster, always waiting for something to go wrong.

Jaz tries her best to keep her worries to herself, but with her birthday party coming up fast, they seem set on turning her into the Worst Sister EVER!

A Monster Ate My Packed Lunch

Author: Pamela Butchart

Illustrator: Thomas Flintham

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Reading Age: 7+

Out Now

Hilarious, illustrated school-based antics where everything that happens leads to DRAMA and RUNNING AROUND and even some FAINTING! 

Izzy and her friends are on a school trip to a big lake. Gary Petrie is excited because the lodges where they’re staying have ROBES AND SLIPPERS! The lake is dark and deep and a bit scary. But it’s when they open their packed lunches that they know! There’s a MONSTER in the lake and it’s coming for their CRISPS!

The Happy Workbook

Author: Amanda Ashman-Wymbs

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers Ltd

Reading Age: 7+

Out Now

We all feel sad sometimes, especially when things aren’t going so great. It can also be because our minds are dwelling on sad thoughts and we have too many of them, which can feel very uncomfortable and stop us from being happy and having fun.

The Happy Workbook is here to help by showing how to express feelings clearly and openly, and offers creative ways to focus on the good things in life and find some happiness in every day. This activity book will help you:

  • Identify what makes you happy and sad with an emoji chart.
  • Let go of sad thoughts by making a paper boat and watching it float away.
  • Create your happy sanctuary in your bedroom.
  • Immerse yourself in your very own happy memories book.
  • Take pride in your achievements with medals to make and wear.