Toy experts reveal 3 top tips for organising and storing your children’s toys! 🧸

Shelf full of books and toys on white background illustration

Alex Price, product expert at Outdoor Toys, has shared 3 key tips on how to organise your children’s toys and store them effectively, reducing the clutter in your home: 

1. Make space for their new toys by getting rid of the old ones

Decluttering your children’s current toys and downsizing them will help you to make space for the new toys they recieved this Christmas. Consider getting rid of the toys they don’t use anymore or the ones they’ve physically outgrown. Be sure not to get rid of any sentimental ones that you know they would be upset to see go, but be strict with how much you’re removing. And definitely don’t do this in front of your children, otherwise they will want to keep everything! 

If you’ve unfortunately been gifted something your child already owns, decide whether you will replace it with the new toy or keep the old one, but avoid keeping both to reduce clutter. 

2. Donate or sell your unwanted toys

Once you’ve decided what you’re getting rid of, it’s time to dispose of them appropriately. If they’re used but in good condition, you can sell them online on second-hand platforms. If they aren’t worth much or you’re looking to declutter quickly, donating them to a charity shop is a great option. Of course, if you’re looking to get rid of gifts because they’re inappropriate for your child or they already own the toy, be sure to do so considerately in the form of regifting, or even using a gift receipt to exchange or return the toy. 

3. Store and organise the wanted toys

Now that you’re left with the toys you do want to keep, sort them into piles of your choice. Whether it be sorting by toys most played with or toys with multiple pieces to them, organising them into labelled boxes or in a way that both you and your child will find easy to categorise makes it easy for you to find in the future. An easy system will allow them to clean up after themselves too! 

Once you’ve sorted the piles, all that’s left to do is store them in any way that suits you, such as in toy bins, drawers or baskets. If you still find that you’re left with a lot of toys, try rotating them every few weeks by bringing new toys to the front, so your child feels like they have something ‘new’ to play with and nothing is unused!