Kitted Out: Your Stress-Free Guide to School Uniforms

We have all fallen into the never-ending school pitfall of itchy jumpers, flimsy stitching, trodden-on loose hems and ‘durable’ skirts which have seen better days.

In response to the cries of parents who are sick of frequenting the school uniform aisle in search of hope, we have composed a fool-proof, fuss-free guide to school uniforms.


Some schools require that you purchase uniforms from specialist suppliers. Options available in specialist suppliers are often more expensive, leading to many parents questioning whether price really does correlate with quality and if there are cheaper alternatives available.

Often, parents buy sweatshirts (and other items that are required to carry the school badge/logo) from specialist school shop and buy the remainder of the uniform from other retailers. Some schools and local community organisations even offer swap-shops and second-hand sales.


Many parents are divided regarding school uniform quality. Some believe that lower quality, cheaper items fit the bill as school uniform often get lost and goes through a lot of wear-and-tear. Others believe that is often worth paying more for higher quality, more expensive options as clothing often lasts longer and is easier to wash and iron.


It is both important and challenging to find clothing which is comfortable and fits your child correctly. Children grow extremely quickly, meaning that parents often over compensate by buying clothing which is larger than their child’s actual size. Make sure to look out for clothing which is elasticated or has adjustable features.

Some retailers stock school uniform which gives an option for parents who struggle to find uniform to suit their child’s proportions: longer length, slim fit and plus fit options are widely available at leading high-street retailers.


Sometimes, uniforms can be itchy or students may have allergies due to the materials used in the uniform. For parents of children with sensitive or eczema-prone skin, finding suitable uniform can be a challenge.

Some companies provide a solution to the sensitive skin struggle. Totally Cool Clothing have created a range of school uniform with a discreet lining called ‘BamSil’.  The discreet ‘BamSil’ lining is so gentle on the skin that your child will no longer be distressed by irritating, scratchy fabric. The uniforms have been developed in consultation with dermatologists and leading textile industry experts and are made from bamboo and silk, making them super soft, breathable and soothing.