Sport Focus: Snow Sports

Snow sports are often seen as difficult and something that should be left to professionals. Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular snow sports, especially amongst children and their families. Although snow sports entail a sense of danger at face-value, they are actually extremely fun, family-friendly activities to pursue which can be picked up by individuals of ALL abilities. Some snow sport schools even offer lessons beginning at age three, some even younger.

Mastering a daunting skill such as skiing or snowboarding is a great way of increasing self-confidence. Snow sports require that you challenge yourself and sometimes push yourself out of your comfort zone; achieving different milestones can be extremely rewarding. Snow sports can help improve concentration – many compare them to driving a car! You have to learn to share your trail, meaning you keep your eye for others and avoid collisions.

Snow sports also have great physical health benefits which promote strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Skiing and snowboarding strengthen all core muscles in the body (especially the legs), helping ensure flexibility on and off the slopes. Both sports are great aerobic workouts, improving the effectiveness of the cardiovascular system which is essential for good health.

There are skiing and snowboarding lessons and tasters available for those wanting to hit the slopes at Chillfactore. Choose from full day lessons, 2-day courses or 3-week courses suited to all abilities. Chillfactore also have a Kids Snow School which provides tuition for children aged 3 -12, perfect for youngsters wanting to find their snow legs and have some fun.