St. John Ambulance: Fresh air and first aid – are you prepared?

Most parents love the Summertime because it gives their children the chance to spend more time outdoors taking in the fresh air and playing. But unfortunately with the increase in activity – whether it’s tree-climbing or a game of cricket – comes a greater likelihood of the need for some first aid!

Would you know what to do if your child broke their wrist, got sunstroke, had a reaction to a bee sting or suffered a bad nosebleed?

As the leading provider of first aid training in the country, charity St John Ambulance has a comprehensive First Aid Advice section on its website. It offers easy-to-follow advice on what to do in every type of scenario, using step-by-step diagrams and in some cases, videos. They also have a free First Aid App.

Below we’ve shared their advice on how to handle a nasty nosebleed, as a bump to the face or even a change in humidity can bring one on and there are some misconceptions about what to do (Hint: don’t put the head back).

St John Ambulance training delivery manager, Graham Ellis, said: “We certainly don’t think parents should wrap their cherubs in cotton wool – but it’s definitely a good idea for them to be prepared in the event that first aid is needed. And kids make great first aiders, too!”


  1. Ask them to sit down and lean their head forward 
  2. Pinch the soft part of the nose 
  3. Give them a tissue 
  4. Once stopped, advise them to rest 
  5. Call 999/112 if bleeding is severe.  

For first aid advice and information on first aid training visit or call 0121 392 6500