New Year, New You: Family Fitness

It’s that time of year again… New Year is a time in which many of us commit to resolutions to improve our fitness. Although we may be determined to better ourselves at first, our gym memberships start to become neglected and that yoga class you signed up to seems to become a bit daunting. This year, why not make a resolution to improve your fitness as a family unit?


  • Your resolution is more likely to be kept when it is a group venture – you can provide support to one another when motivational juices are running low.
  • Many gyms offer family memberships and classes can be attended together – not only improving physical fitness but strengthening family bonds and allowing you to spend quality time together.
  • Exercise will become a fun family activity – taking part in a group activity is much more fun than going at it alone.
  • Improving fitness as a family can be as simple as going for a walk, playing a game of football in the park or joining an amateur sports team.



Top tips for keeping a New Year’s resolution 

  1. Make your achievements concrete by keeping a handwritten diary, adding to a spreadsheet or a creating a chart to keep on the wall to track progress.
  2. Avoid previous resolutions.
  3. Make one resolution – this means you can channel all your energy and have a greater chance at succeeding.
  4. Tell your friends about your goals – the provision of a support network will help you to avoid failure.
  5. Treat yourself when you have achieved one of your goals; the motivation can really help you to progress and make your achievements seem concrete.