Healthier Family Eating Habits for New Year

It is an annual right-of-passage to make diet related resolutions. A new year marks a time to get rid of the past and to turn over a new leaf – a great excuse for trying to incorporate healthier habits into your family’s lifestyle.

Sharing a New Year’s resolution as a family can make goals more achievable, as there is a common ambition shared and each member can support one another. Take a look at our (manageable) New Year’s resolutions which may help guide your family to achieving healthier eating habits in 2022.


According to Diabetes UK, 66% of adults eat three or fewer portions of fruit and/or vegetables a day. Incorporating fresh fruit and veggies into your family’s diet is extremely important and making small steps can be extremely beneficial.

Try packing a piece of fruit into your child’s lunch box, offer your child a handful of blueberries as a snack or maybe serve some extra vegetables alongside an evening meal. Get creative.


Preparing healthy meals as a family can encourage children to be interested in healthy food – children are much more likely to enjoy something which they are proud of making themselves. Preparing meals together can also encourage long-term healthier habits.

Preparing meals together gives families the opportunity to spend quality time with one another


Eating together can help encourage fussy eaters to try new foods without bribery and coercion – seeing other members of the family enjoying their food can be enough persuasion.

Eating together as a family is a great way of bonding and can allow families to reflect on each other’s day.


Making small changes to your family’s diet can make a big difference to everyday health

Swap sugary drinks for water or milk

Swap chips for some vegetables or homemade sweet potato wedges during your evening meal

Swap unhealthy snacks for healthy alternatives such as fruit and nuts. We like to swap crisps with celery sticks with a tzatziki or hummus.

These aren’t massive changes, but if we can all do a little to change a child’s diet then their health will improve immeasurably.