Six Lessons That Adults Can Learn from Children

Being a parent, teacher, just or responsible adult is seen to have some duty to teach them values, information, and to act as a role model. But what if it works both ways are there are things children could teach us?


The playground can be argumentative. However, children tend to forgive and forget. When adults spend time mulling an argument over, it isn’t healthy, as we are focusing on the dispute rather than finding a solution. Having the ability to forgive rather than hold a grudge can prove extremely beneficial.


Children are not afraid to speak their mind. Although we don’t want to be rude to one another, having some honesty and saying exactly what you think can be beneficial for all parties. At work it can lead to the best results possible, as criticism leads to improvements and people will consider one another as more trustworthy. 


Adults tend to cancel plans. Children, however, don’t let anything stop them. If there’s a bit of rain, just grab some kid’s waterproofs. If they’ve got a sore finger? Just get someone to kiss it better. If we did this, we would enjoy our time so much more — get out there and explore! 


Mention anything to a child and they will get excited for it. If they’re doing an activity, they will try to complete it as best as possible to try and be the ‘winner’. It will make you strive to be the best you can possibly be, as well as help encourage everyone around you to do the same.


Children often don’t take criticism from peers and don’t care what anyone has to say about them. But in adulthood, we get nervous and can be self-conscious about what other people think about us. If we can adopt the mindset of only caring about what we think of ourselves, people will be much more comfortable and outgoing.

These are good values for everyone to follow, just open yourself to positivity. It just comes naturally to them, so maybe we should take a leaf out of their book.