Merseyside Fire and Rescue: Be Water Aware this summer

Merseyside is blessed with arguably some of the best waterfront locations in the country. Whether it’s a walk along Crosby beach with the family, a photography trip to the Three Graces, a morning dog walk at New Brighton or a spot of fishing at Carr Mill Dam, Merseyside’s waterways have something for everyone. But when enjoying our waters, it’s important to remember the dangers they pose.

Crews from MFRS are called out to incidents involving rescue from water on a frequent basis. We understand the risks that water poses on our community, so much so that we have a Marine Rescue Unit on the River Mersey.

Statistics show us that around 50% of those who accidentally drown never intended to enter the water and were actually just taking part in normal everyday activities near water at the time, such as walking, running, cycling or fishing.

So before you head to the beach, or take the family to be part of any activity near water, make sure you are well prepared. Always have the correct safety equipment and a good idea of weather and tidal conditions before you enter the water. Make sure you have a way of calling for help if you get into trouble. NEVER enter the water to help a person or animal in distress. ALWAYS call 999 and use any water rescue equipment that is available.

For further information or fire safety advice, call 0800 731 5958.