Benefits of Gymnastics

1.  It’s FUN!

First and foremost your child has to have FUN in the sport they are participating in. Jumping, rolling, tumbling, swinging, leaping, balancing – at gymnastics, there is so much fun in one lesson! 

2 Core strength

 Develops Strength

Gymnastics improves muscle strength and is fantastic for balance and posture.  This is important in so many aspects of life, whether it be balancing on a beam, sitting at a desk in class, or walking along the street. Flexibility is also increased which assists with injury prevention which can also help in other sports too.

3 Discipline

Gymnastics helps children learn to follow instructions; to watch, listen and think independently.

Teachers rank self-regulation as one of the most important competencies for school readiness, which gymnastics can help with. Children regulate energy and learn control, helping them co-operate & focus in the class room.

 4 Make new friends

Gymnastics is a great way for children to make new friends in a safe, challenging environment. Gymnastics helps increase self-esteem and confidence, especially important if a child moves schools when self confidence can be at a low.

Game concepts & socialisation helps children join in, fit in and make friends helping stay active at school as well as assisting with socialisation at big school and throughout life.

5 Girls into sport

Sport often takes a back seat with girls. Gymnastics is a great way to introduce girls into sport, which can hopefully then be carried on into high school where there is an alarming drop in girls competing in sports.