Make sure you stay safe this Bonfire night!

Bonfire night is always an exciting time for children and families but it can also be very dangerous, so it is vitally important that we all take the right steps to stay safe.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is working closely with the Police, local authorities and other partner organisations to help people keep themselves safe and ensure incidents of anti-social behaviour are kept to a minimum.

We all want to have fun during the Bonfire night period, but taking a few simple steps can make sure we also remain safe.

Our top safety tips for this Bonfire night include the following:

– Only attend an organised fireworks display in your local area. You can find more details on the displays close to you by visiting the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Website at Also look or Merseyfire on Twitter and Facebook.

– Only buy fireworks from reputable retailers who hold a licence or registration to store fireworks. Fireworks must be displayed in locked cabinets, cases or cupboards.

– Always light fireworks at arms’ length and never give a sparkler to a child under 5. If using sparklers, always wear gloves or mittens and have a bucket of water to immediately put the hot wire into when the sparkler is finished.

– Bonfires are only allowed on private land with the owner’s permission and must be supervised by an adult at all times. Keep water handy and make sure the bonfire is completely out before you leave it. Never put petrol or any other flammable liquid on a bonfire.

– Please do not give anyone, especially children, combustible or flammable materials that could be used to start illegal bonfires.

– Remember any fire engine that is called out to a bonfire or rubbish fire will be kept from responding to other emergencies.

– Wheelie bins can become easy targets during the bonfire period. Only put your bin out on collection day and bring it back in immediately afterwards. Keep your wheelie bin away from windows and doors.

– Pets can be easily frightened by fireworks and should be kept indoors if possible.

Organised events are always the safest way to enjoy Bonfire night so always seek out an official firework display or bonfire event if you possibly can.

If you spot an unsafe bonfire you can report it by calling Merseyside and Rescue Service on 0800 731 5958. If it is outside office hours, please leave a message with your details and a contact number.

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