Stress-Free Party Planning

Planning a birthday party for your child can prove to be daunting and difficult task.

The (high) expectations of a crowd of children rests upon your shoulders and for the parents of younger children, the manic world of the birthday party is often unchartered territory.

Organisation is key when it comes to planning a successful birthday bash – plan, plan, plan. Start organising the event at least two months prior to the big day and note down your ideas as early as possible. Involve your child in the organisation of the party and ask them what ideas they have and whether any venues, themes or entertainers tickle their fancy.

For some extra guidance when planning your child’s party, you can refer to our handy checklist to ensure that every little detail is covered:


6 – 8 weeks before the day…

  • Has a venue been organised?
  • Has entertainment been organised?
  • Has a theme been decided for the party?
  • Have food/catering plans been organised?
  • Have invitations been sent out?

3 – 4 weeks before the day…

  • Have you planned party games?
  • Have you sorted out decor?
  • Have you bought party bag supplies?
  • Have you allocated tasks to family members, other parents etc.?
  • Have you checked if any of the children attending have food allergies?

A few days before the day…

  • Have you written a to-do list for the day of the party?
  • Has a cake been bought?
  • Is all food prepared?
  • Is your camera fully charged?
  • Are party bags prepared and ready?
  • Is your child’s birthday outfit prepared?
  • Have you done a final invite RSVP check?