Postnatal Fitness

Although it may seem like the last thing on your thoughts, postnatal exercise offers many a benefit. It can boost your mood through the release of endorphins, protect you from pesky aches and pains, boost energy levels and also improve strength and stamina, which are much needed when looking after a new-born!


You can start gentle exercise such as walking, stretching, and pelvic floor exercises as soon as you feel comfortable to do so. Joining a postnatal exercise class such as yoga, or Pilates, is a good opportunity to join other mums fighting the postnatal crusade, and receive specialist advice about toning and trimming your body safely after childbirth. If you are wishing to attend a class which isn’t specifically postnatal, inform the person running the class that you have recently had a baby – you will need to take care of your back and avoid high-impact exercises which could potentially damage it during this period. You should also be aware abdominal muscles and your joints are weaker after pregnancy. Don’t push yourself!


It is advised that you should wait until your 6-week postnatal check to start participating in high impact exercise. Regular and gentle exercise after pregnancy can help ease you into the transition. If you partook in exercise prior to pregnancy, and you feel fit and well, you may be able to start high-impact exercise earlier.

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