Beat the Summer Slide

Many teachers and parents will find that as children return to school after the summer holidays, their academic achievements may have declined and are lower than what they were at the beginning of the break.

This common phenomenon is called the ‘summer slide’ and has been attributed to numerous factors such as a lack of structure and the absence of teaching/learning activities during the summer holidays.

Without impeding upon the fun and freedom that summertime brings, there are various strategies parents can use to avoid the ‘summer slide’.


  • Read


Reading for as little as 20 minutes a day will help to curb the onset of the ‘summer slide’. Reading shouldn’t be presented as a chore, so ensure that books are of interest to your child. Ask them what they want to read, look out for books which match your child’s interests or even get your child involved in a local library reading incentive. Audiobooks are also a great way to keep your child’s interest in stories alive.


  • Make the most of mobile apps


There is a massive amount of educational mobile apps available on all app stores and many tend to disguise the ‘learning’ aspect of the app as a fun activity or puzzle to keep interest.


  • Visit local museums, art galleries, heritage sites and National Trust sites


Help your child learn more about the world around them whilst also getting together and enjoying a great family day out!


Make sure to check our events section for a list of fun (yet educational) events going on in a wide range of local venues.


  • Take part in a team sport


Improved co-operation and leadership skills are some of the rewards reaped from participating in team sport. Many sports also require the use of analysis skills and exercise the mind as well as the body! Picking up a new hobby is mentally stimulating for a child, so it may be worthwhile considering a summer holiday sports camp or class.


  • Consider private tuition


Private tuition providers often offer summer holiday camps and classes. This is something to consider for children who struggle with particular subjects at school and lack confidence in certain areas.