A World of Opportunity through Adult Education

Improved prospects, learning new skills and enhanced self-confidence are a few of the many benefits experienced by ‘mature’ students. A survey conducted by the Workers’ Educational Association found that adult education can help to benefit local communities and boost confidence in regards to finding employment.

 Research has shown that amongst the typical benefits associated with adult education, continuing learning later in life can be extremely advantageous in regards to health. It has been speculated that adult learning can help sharpen cognitive function and delay declines in mental acuity (often associated with ageing). 

When it comes to education, there are no age or time restrictions – the old saying ‘there is no time like the present’ rings true. If you have been contemplating boosting your knowledge to help further your career, gain long-term employment or even for fun, there are a wide range of pathways available across the region offering a selection of courses, designed for a variety of subjects and vocations. 

When juggling various components of a hectic lifestyle, it is easy to dismiss the thought of continuing education. An assumption which many make is that adult education courses require a lot of time (which many do not have to spare). Educational institutions recognise this, and there is an ever growing number of adult education programmes specifically designed to cater to busy adults. If you have been previously interested in returning to education but have had other commitments, it may be worthwhile researching what programmes are running in your local area and how often they run. 

Whether your goals are personal or professional, adult education can help open the doors to success.