To tutor, or not to tutor?

Tutoring is something that parents are increasingly considering, especially during a time where curriculum and exam changes are ever more prevalent. Your child may be struggling with studies, or may need a boost to help them pass a certain exam. Some parents even seek out tutors to help enhance a child’s ability and confidence in a subject which they are already excelling at.



Your child may benefit from tutoring if:


  • Their results/achievements are lower than expected
  • Their confidence is slipping in a certain field or subject
  • They need to improve their performance in order to pass exams
  • They wish to enhance their performance, but they are struggling to do so at school
  • Your child is struggling to build positive work and study habits


It is important to realise that tutoring is a very personal thing – what might be successful for one child may not prove to be as successful for another. The key is the mindset of the child – if a child has the desire to be better, then tutoring is a great way to develop the confidence to succeed.


Many parents are opting for tuition because of changes in the curriculum and the way in which our children’s performances are graded. Since the implementation of the more demanding 9-1 curriculum, it is even more important for students to have additional support outside of school. As well as helping students cope with difficulty levels, tutoring also encourages children to aim high and reach their full potential.


It is important to speak to your child’s teacher before calling upon a tutor. Ask them where your child’s lack of confidence or weakness may lie so that a tutor can specifically target these issues and whether any extra help in school can be provided.






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