The Benefits of Performing Arts and Drama

Drama and performing arts are seen as significantly beneficial subjects for children to take part in. An involvement in performing arts and drama not only unleashes creativity but has a multitude of other positive benefits:


  • Participation in drama and performing arts help to develop cognitive and academic abilities. It has been found that there is a distinct and positive correlation between children taking part in drama and performing arts classes and overall educational attainment. Through the arts, children can develop their creative thinking skills which can help them to approach problem-solving and education in different ways. Drama and performing arts help us to assess the richness and depths of human expression in a series of contexts.


  • Performing arts and drama can help children to develop their confidence and self-awareness. Through the arts, many children are able to find their ‘voice’ through creative expression and participation can be particularly valuable for introverted or unconfident children. Many children find it hard to express their emotions and the arts provides an excellent outlet for children to explore a varied range of feelings which they can comfortably articulate in a dedicated environment.


  • Involvement in any extra-curricular activity is a wonderful way for children to socialise and meet new friends. Drama and performing arts classes are especially good at helping children to improve their communication skills – each child will have a special part to play, and classes are often entirely based on group activities.

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